Find peace of mind with affordable identity protection.  American Bank and Deluxe are pleased to bring you Deluxe Provent®, an integrated suite of identity theft protection services that provides identity theft protection on all fronts, including: Prevention, Detection and Restoration.

Identity fraud is among the fastest growing crimes in the country, affecting millions of people every year. The results can be financially and psychologically devastating to the victims.  Identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated and more aggressive.  Identity Theft can happen to anyone, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

Deluxe Provent includes a complete suite of identity theft and fraud solutions, providing affordable and simple services that help shield your identity on many different fronts.
**American Bank's routing number 091214960 
must be entered when you enroll.**

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Brand new look. Same great protection.
Beginning in February 2021 there will be a new look to the Dashboard.  You will enjoy a more streamlined, user-friendly, fraud protection experience with this update.

A Happy Customer's Testimonial
"I received an email on my lunch stating that there was an Alert: Different Name or Address Detected.  Naturally, I go into panic mode.  I click on the link and open the case with Deluxe Provent and within minutes of opening up a case, I get a phone call and an email from Deluxe Provent. They were so helpful, so easy to work with, and so friendly!  After they did some digging, it turns out a credit bureau just changed my address on one of my credit reports."