Statement Copy 
  • Previous Statement Copy with Images
  • Previous Statement Copy without Images
  • Extra Statement Fee

Statement Image Fees
  • eStatement with Images
  • eStatement without Images
  • Paper Statement with Images
  • Paper Statement without Images

No charge
No charge
Statement on CD ROM (Business Customers)
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly (Statements on one CD)
  • Annually (Statements on one CD)

Copy of Cancelled Check or Document
Overdraft or Returned Item Fee
  • (This fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person, or ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means.) *Overdraft fees, including continuous overdraft charges** for overdrafts caused solely by ATM and/or everyday debit card transactions do not apply unless you authorize coverage for these transaction types. **Overdrafts by bank service charges or fees can cause continuous overdraft charges.

Maximum Overdraft Charge Per Day $140
Continuous Overdraft Fee
$5/day you are overdrawn after 5 business days 
Deposited Check Return
  • Personal
  • Business

No Charge
Foreign Check Processing
  • Canadian
  • Non-Canadian

$20/Check Plus Fees
Stop Payment
  • Check / ACH
  • Series of Checks

Wire Transfer
  • Incoming - Domestic
  • Incoming - Foreign
  • Outgoing - Domestic
  • Outgoing - Foreign

ACH Agreement
  • Consumer (Free if paying an American Bank loan)
  • Business (If one ACH transfer set up on account level) 

  • Consumer & Business
  • Consumer & Business Enrolled with eStatements
  • Pay a Person ($1,000 Daily Limit)
    • Direct Deposit (No Charge)
    • Check Payment (No Charge)
    • Email ($1/Payment)
  • Rush Delivery
    • $19.95 (Check) Next Business Day
    • $14.95 (Check) Second Business Day
    • $4.95 (Electronic) Second Business Day
  • Gift Check
  • Donation

No Charge

Bank to Bank Transfers (Consumers Only & Must Qualify)
eDeposit (Must Qualify)
  • Consumer
  • Business
    • $5 per month for businesses who utilize our American Remote Deposit Product

Visa® Reloadable Card
  • Purchase Price
  • Companion Card (Up to 2 extra cards)
  • Reload Fee
  • Monthly Fee (Waived with any load)

Visa® Gift Cards  $3.95 
Visa® Travel Card
  • Purchase Price
  • Companion Card (Up to 2 extra cards)
  • Reload Fee
  • Monthly Fee (Waived for the first 3 months & with any load)

Cash Advances
  • American Bank Visa® Credit Card
  • Non-American Bank Issued Debit/Credit Card

ATM, Debit or Credit Cards
  • Replacement Fee
  • Foreign ATM Fees (For each funds transfer, balance inquiry, or withdrawal at any NON-American Bank, Money Pass, or local Lucky Seven ATMs)

Encoded Counter Checks $1/Per Check
Money Orders (Up to $1,000) $2.50
Cashier's Check $5
Declaration of Loss on a Cashier's Check  $28
Excess Transfer Fee (Savings Accounts Only)
  • If transfer exceeds 6 per statement cycle 

Inactivity Fee
  • If checking or savings account balance falls below $50 and 18 months of no account activity

Collection Item  $15
Check Cashing
  • Non-Customer of American Bank
    • Government or On-Us Checks Only

Coin Counting 
  • Customer
  • Non-Customer (Hibbing Location Only)

No Charge
Deposit Bag (Business Customers Only) 
  • Without Lock
  • With Lock
  • Key Replacement Fee

Endorsement Stamp (Business Customers Only)
Cost of Stamp 
Medallion Stamp (Customers Only)
Notary Fee (Customers Only) No Charge 
Account Reconciliation $15/Hour
Account Research $15/Hour
Levies & Garnishments $125
Escheated Abandoned Account Fee $75
Safe Deposit Drill Fee Fee Varies